Viking Sources in Translation

A replica of the Viking ship in Oseberg, Norway, sailing in the waters outside Norway

This page contains links to translations of sources about the history of the Vikings.

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Ágrip af Nóregs konunga sögum [Abridgement of Norwegian kings' sagas], excerpt. (unavailable outside Yale)
Alcuin, Letter to Higbald (unavailable outside Yale)
al-Tartushi reports on his visit to Hedeby in the tenth century.
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (unavailable outside Yale)
Abingdon manuscript
Canterbury manuscript
Peterborough manuscript
Winchester manuscript
Worcester manuscript
The entries for 994 in three versions of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Annals of St. Bertin (unavailable outside Yale)
The entry for 839 in the Annals of St. Bertin
Beowulf, lines 229-257, translated by Seamus Heaney.
Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, De administrando imperio (unavailable outside Yale)
Halldórr inn ókristni, Eiriksflokkr
The Jelling Monument
The Battle of Maldon (unavailable outside Yale)
Othere's report on his travels. (unavailable outside Yale)
Description of Northern Europe in the Anglo-Saxon translation of the History of Orosius. (unavailable outside Yale)
Rimbert, Life of Ansgar
The Rök Stone
Royal Frankish Annals 777-828 (Unavailable outside Yale)
Ruotger of Cologne, Life of Archbishop Bruno of Cologne 40
Skúli Þorsteinsson, Flokkr
al-Tartushi reports on his visit to Hedeby in the tenth century.
Theoderic the Monk, The Ancient History of the Norwegian Kings 7-14. (unavailable outside Yale)
Thietmar of Merseburg, Chronicle 6.94-95
Widukind, The Deeds of the Saxons 3.65
Wulfstan's report on his travels. (unavailable outside Yale)
Anders Winroth, Note on names

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